Pizza: A Blessing and a Curse

The Blessing:

I recall fondly those Sundays in the early 1980’s when my parents made the monumental switch from a traditional, home-cooked Sunday dinner to Domino’s Pizza (delivery). We went from a beef roast (that may be dry or medium-rare, depending on how long my dad preached), potatoes, and carrots to 2 large Pepperoni pizzas, delivered in a guaranteed 30 minutes, or less. It was absolute bliss. To think that one could simply pick up the land-line (cell phones were a rarity then) and place an order for dinner and have it arrive around the same time we returned from church…was mind-boggling. And, what was even better: no setting the table and the very nature of the food allowed us to sit in the living room catching the Chicago Bears on one of our three channels on the t.v.

The Curse:

I love technology, probably more than I should, but it is a wonderful tool for efficiency in life. The downside is that we become chained to our technology and can’t escape it to pursue “real life” because of it. In my email inbox this morning came an email from Dominos Pizza. Now, not only can you order your pizza online (put that landline away) but now you can track your pizza in real time. You will see when your order is placed, view when your pizza is being prepared, agonize through the baking process, start to salivate as the quality is being checked, and run to the door as you watch it go into delivery mode.

Seriously? I need a pizza tracker? What happened to those “good ole” days of standing at the living room window, peering out down the street, wanting to be the first to spot that red, white and blue sign on top of some faded, blue 1972 Gremlin turning the corner heading to your home?

Of course I jest. I think Dominos is on to something: active participation in the pizza process.

(Even if that means all I do is stare at my computer screen for “thirty minutes or less”.)


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