Free audiobook: Adopted for Life

Last Sunday at Calvary Baptist we took some time to encourage our congregation to become involved in ministry to the fatherless. We understand that this involvement is as varied as the individuals that make up our local assembly. We were encouraged to save our spare coins for the “Change for Orphans” ministry, created by Steven Curtis & Mary Beth Chapman. Do you have your jar set up at home? We have a few extras at the church!

Along those lines I would also like to recommend a resource to our congregation concerning ministry to the fatherless. And the cost is FREE. ChristianAudio is offering a copy of Adopted for Life written, and narrated, by Dr.Russell Moore as their free download this month. Follow the instructions on the website to receive your free download.

I would like our congregation to also consider attending SUMMIT VII, the conference put on by Christian Alliance for Orphans. It takes place May 12-13, 2011 in Louisville, KY. All information can be obtained at their website. I would like to take a group of people from our church to Louisville this year. This conference will encourage you in your obedience to the duty we have been called to in caring for the fatherless. It will also provide many resources to those considering adoption.

Chance to Interact: What resources are you aware of that would encourage us in caring for the fatherless?


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