Competing Voices: Wisdom vs Folly

We live in a world of competing voices. Boil these voices down and you find two common sources: wisdom and folly. These two voices call out to us continually. You’ll find a short synopsis of their methods and message in Proverbs 9. Please take time to read this chapter.

Comparing Wisdom and Folly:

  • Wisdom is active; Folly is inactive
  • Wisdom anticipates; Folly is oblivious
  • Wisdom calls to the simple ones; Folly calls to the simple ones
  • Wisdom has others interest in mind; Folly seeks camaraderie for selfish pursuits

Comparing the consequences of listening to each:

  • Wisdom = life; Folly = death
  • Wisdom = increase of understanding / insight; Folly = further ignorance
  • Wisdom = increase in good; Folly = increase in evil
  • Wisdom = blessing; Folly = destruction

How does this impact our daily living? Use the example of marriage. Will you listen to the voice of wisdom in your relationship? Or, will you listen to the voice of folly?

Listening to Folly in my Marriage produces:

  • No desire to “do something” to correct the direction the relationship is headed. I remain comfortable in the status quo
  • No recognition of obvious errors in thinking or behavior
  • No desire to put others first, rather I desire to indulge self only

Listening to Wisdom in my Marriage produces:

  • A desire to “do something” to correct and maintain a godly direction in the relationship. I live moment by moment, rather than crisis to crisis, and seek to love God & my spouse with a mindset of servanthood.
  • Quick recognition of the need to increase in wisdom and righteousness. I have a desire to gather knowledge on what will make my marriage work, as well as, implementing the actions that produce a godly marriage.
  • As I grow in wisdom, I begin to see the necessity to come to the aid of other “simple ones”, and I desire to see them grow in the wisdom I enjoy and walk in the insight I have gained.

Would you take time to examine your heart as to the voices that you are listening to? Determine their source. Are they based in wisdom, or folly?


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