Counselor’s Tools: Anger Worksheet – Cain & Abel

Using the narratives of Scripture is a great way to teach biblical truth. These stories reveal the common circumstances that we all find ourselves in. I have created, and am making available for your use, an anger worksheet geared toward a counseling session with a young person: older elementary to teen-age years. It is a worksheet based on the reading and study of Genesis 4:1-15.

Cain and Abel Worksheet – pdf format

If you desire the worksheet in another format, please comment below or email me: pastormarkkelly (at)

Sample Questions from the worksheet:

  • Read Genesis 4:1-15. List 4 reasons why Cain became angry. Study who he is and why he might have responded the way he did.
  • Identify at least 3 motives Cain may have had to kill his brother, Abel.
  • Describe in at least 2 sentences how Cain’s emotions affected him physically.
  • List at least two ways that Cain responded when confronted with his sin.
  • What are the similarities between Cain and yourself that you and your parents have identified?
    • (I have the parents work through the worksheet with the child)
  • Read Proverbs 16:32. Memorize this verse with your parents and be prepared to quote it at our next appointment.

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