Counselor’s Tools: Self-control Worksheet

I counsel a lot of youth. In my sessions I try to create worksheets that are designed to prompt thinking along a certain topic that we may be covering. Often in dealing with junior high age children, I find that self control is an issue that many parents haven’t discussed with their children, and the tweener or teenager just hasn’t thought about it much. I decided to upload another worksheet that is designed to get the counselee thinking about this important fruit of the Spirit. You may use it and adapt it to your own counseling situation.

Free Self-Control Worksheet

The worksheet is based on 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. It asks questions such as:

  • Think about a runner in the Olympics. Why do they train so hard?
  • What happens if the runner in the race doesn’t train hard?
  • Find a dictionary. Define the word “self-control”.
  • Think about your life. List 3 areas where you need to practice self-control.

The worksheet isn’t the end all. It is a tool to get communication started about the topic of self-control.

Chance to Interact: What other resources could you recommend for dealing with the issue of self-control?


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