Handling Emotions Biblically: Abuse

As I am preparing for a session on Abuse and the emotions surrounding it, (for CBC’s Equipped for Life series), I found a timely blog post that I want to pass on to you. It was posted by Dr.Laura Hendrickson on her blog, Gospel Balm. I’ve posted an excerpt here and will allow you to click through for the rest of the article.

I Want to Know Why I Was Abused:

When I came to Christ at age 25 I’d already endured an abusive childhood, molestation, and two violent sexual assaults. We always want to know why, don’t we? As I struggled to understand my experiences without God’s revelation to inform me, I developed ideas about him that weren’t really true.

Read the rest of the article here…

Chance to Interact: What resources can you recommend for those who suffer as a result of abuse?


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