Improved Navigation for the ESV Bible on Kindle

Crossway announced that they have improved the navigation for both the ESV Study Bible and the ESV Bible, Kindle editions. I am excited about this as I have the ESV downloaded on my Kindle and use it regularly for reading / study.

Here is Crossway’s announcement:

We are pleased to announce that the same indexing feature that has been implemented on the new ESV Study Bible, Kindle Edition, is also now available on The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (ESV), Kindle Edition.

The ESV, Kindle Edition navigation is identical to the ESV Study Bible, Kindle Edition and uses the same abbreviations. Instructions for using this navigation feature can be found in the “How to Use the ESV Bible, Kindle Edition” section of the ebook, which can be accessed by selecting “Menu > Go To > Beginning.”

If you previously downloaded the ESV, Kindle Edition, you will need to contact Amazon Customer service to receive the new file. By choosing to receive the new file, unfortunately you will lose any saved notes, highlighting and bookmarks.

Chance to Interact: Do you use an eReader of some kind to read your Bible? What are your favorite features?


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