Christian Focus Publications: March Book Giveaways

Who is Christian Focus Publications?

Christian Focus Publications (CFP) is all about the message.The message of the gospel; the message of God’s word communicated in the book of books, the Bible. CFP has been producing Christian books since the early 1970′s, with the express purpose of:

  • Staying Faithful – In dependence upon God we seek to impact the world through literature faithful to his infallible word. Our aim is to ensure that the Lord Jesus Christ is presented as the only hope to obtain forgiveness of sin, live a useful life and look forward to heaven with him.
  • Reaching Out – Christ’s last command requires us to reach out to our world with his gospel. We seek to help fulfil that by publishing books, which point people towards Jesus and for them to develop a Christ-like maturity. We aim to equip all levels of readers for life, work, ministry and mission.

With these aims always in mind we have books by authors from all five continents which are sold all around the world. Our books have also been translated into over 70 different languages.

CFP has been blogging about a month now and is prepared to give away two prize packages of books. The packages are listed below – head over to their site and enter to win!

Prize Package One:

Prize Package Two:


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