For CBC: an article to read in preparation for tomorrow’s sermon

Tomorrow I will be preaching at Calvary Baptist Church in Oswego, IN. I’ll be preaching a sermon continuing our study in Galatians. Our text will be Galatians 4:8-20. The title of the sermon is “Birthmarks of a Believer”. I’ll be touching on orphans & adoption just briefly. Today Tim Challies posted a link to this article in his Al a Carte blog series. It will flesh out nicely what I’ll be saying tomorrow. If you have a couple minutes, please take time to read this and think about what the author is saying. It’ll all make sense tomorrow, I promise.

There was a Girl. Fifteen Years Old: An Adoption Story


“Well what’s going to happen to her?” I asked. “You know what’ll happen to her,” my wife answered back. “Then we’re going to host this girl.” At that moment, my wife and I took a step in faith that resulted in us adopting a 15 year old girl from Russia. And the timing couldn’t have been worse.

We had adopted before. After having three children “the old fashioned way”, we prayerfully decided to adopt our youngest daughter, our little redheaded nine month old infant, from Russia. As a good friend and fellow adoptive father likes to say, “It’s easy to pray when you’re in the middle of an adoption, especially when you’re in Russia.”

But nothing else about it is really easy — the process is anything but smooth, curveballs come at you from all directions and doubt surrounds you. Prayer is easy, though, because you need the comfort of the Father! Philippians 4:6-7 became my go-to verse time and again. In the end, we came home with our little Mary and life went on. Sharing the joys of childbirth with your wife is an amazing thing. Adopting a child is similar in that there’s a new mouth to feed, a new personality in the mix and a heightened awareness of God’s sovereign love. But it’s also different. Adopting a child made me and Cheryl (my wife) – and others we know who’ve also adopted – keenly and piercingly aware of God’s love in adopting us as his children.

the rest of the article here.


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