Promises of God – Like Pirate Booty!

Psalm 119:162:

I rejoice at Your word, as one who finds great spoil.

I can’t help it. My mind immediately went to the scene in Pirates of the Caribbean where Cap’n Jack is in a cave surrounded by piles of treasure. Can you imagine stumbling into those stacks of pirate loot? How would you react? Me? I’d be rolling in it I’m sure! Doing the “Bounty Backstroke”, swimming in some serious coinage! Since I was a young child there has always been a part of me longing to find buried treasure. Even last night as I walked, exercising my dog, I was looking for “walking money”. (that’s the term my family uses for the coins…and sometimes bills…that we find walking).

When our church was camping last month at Chain O’ Lakes campground in Albion, IN, I found some walking money. Or, so I thought. You must know that I’ve never found over 10 cents of walking money in my life! My eldest daughter one time found a $20 bill!! So the pressure is really on dad to find some money. Right next to our campsite I found what appeared to me to be a $5 bill. It was crumpled and wet like it had fallen out of some kid’s swim trunk’s pocket. It was already evening and dark, so I nonchalantly picked it up and stuffed it in my pocket while heading to the restrooms. What a disappointment it was to pull it out of my pocket and realize that someone had just photocopied a $5 bill. I was surprised with the disappointment I felt.

Know this: there will never be a time when you peer into the word of God and come away with that kind of disappointment. I won’t say you will always like what you read; especially if the Holy Spirit is convicting you of sin. I will say that the word of God is something you can rejoice in…to the same extreme as finding pirate booty! The promises of God allow us to face life confidently, rejoicing that he is true to his word! Are you finding his promises in his word? Are you searching for that kind of treasure?

Chance to Interact: What promises of God cause you to rejoice as if you’ve found great treasure?


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