Hitting the Links: Pastor’s Edition

Occasionally I will post some links that I have found interesting as I surf the world-wide-web. Today I post three from my own RSS reader – and all three are for the benefit of pastors. Here they are in no particular order:

How do you care for a 90 year old man about to become a widower?

Last week, one of our long time faithful members of our church was taken to the hospital and would probably not live through the night.  Her husband of 71 years, stayed home from exhaustion, which is where I first went.  I arrived about 10:00 pm.  It was one of those moments we live for as pastors.  It was hard.  It was painful to watch this man hurt with a depth few do.

Yet, I felt so honored to be there in this moment to care for this man in his most desperate hour.  This man is a pillar in our church.  A faithful leader for over 50 years.  Drew the plans for our current building built in the 1950′s.  Here he was looking at someone young enough to be his grandson for the answers on how to face life knowing as we sat there his wife would probably not live through the night. (click through for the rest of the article…)

The Law and Church Counseling (6 part series):

You’re reading Part Six (the final post) in a blog mini-series on The Law and Church Counseling. Read Part One Caring Carefully, Part Two The Legal History and Climate, Part Three Scope of Care, Part Four Quality of Care, and Part Five Building Safeguards Into Your Ministry. I’m summarizing these posts from material in chapter twelve of Equipping Counselors for Your Church. To learn more about the book, which is now available for pre-order, visit Equipping Counselors.

Seven pertinent issues summarize the quality of care matters that every biblical counseling ministry should address: propriety, humility, referral,  confidentiality, church discipline, documentation, and supervision. In Part Four, we examined the first three issues, and in Part Five the fourth and fifth issues. Today in Part Six, we explore documentation and supervision in biblical counseling. (click through for the rest of the article…)

A Litmus Test of Whether You Believe the Gospel

As he was closing his sermon on Sunday, my pastor made this wonderful point:

“If you want to know whether you love religion or whether you love the gospel, check and see how angry you are at God.”

The reason why this is one litmus test of whether we understand the gospel is that religion essentially is a barter system. We bring our good stuff to God in exchange for some of His good stuff. Our righteousness for His stamp of approval. Our good works in exchange for His blessings.

But what happens when God doesn’t hold up His end of the bargain? Well, that’s when we get mad. We feel cheated. We feel wronged. (click through for the rest of the article…)


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