Blast from the Past: 1986

Yesterday we took our son to Indiana University to begin his collegiate career. I couldn’t help but think back to when I enrolled in college. Music was a large part of my life, and so I looked up the top 10 songs of 1986. The ones that have links were some of my favorites. The links will take you to a youtube video of the song:

Top Ten Songs of 1986:

1. “That’s What Friends Are For”…..Dionne & Friends

2. “Walk Like An Egyptian”…..Bangles

3. “On My Own”…..Patti Labelle & Michael McDonald

4. “The Way It Is”…..Bruce Hornsby & The Range

5. “You Give Love A Bad Name”…..Bon Jovi

6. “Greatest Love Of All”…..Whitney Houston

7. “There’ll Be Sad Songs”…..Billy Ocean

8. “How Will I Know”…..Whitney Houston

9. “Kyrie”…..Mr. Mister

10. “Kiss”…..Prince & The Revolution

You know that someday mullets, pegged jeans and pastels will all make a comeback together! Totally tubular!!


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