The Condition: Depression – Why it is so Important to Understand it

I am slowly traveling a well-worn path back through David Murray’s incredible resource on Depression entitled, Christians Get Depressed Too. Already in my posts we have looked at chapter one, The Crisis, as well as chapter two, The Complexity. I have begun examining chapter three titled, The Condition. It will be in this chapter that Murray will help the reader truly understand the physical and spiritual components of Depression.

As I begin to look at this chapter, I would like us to just focus on this quote from Dr.Martyn Lloyd-Jones – a quote referenced in Murray’s book:

Many Christian people, in fact, are in utter ignorance concerning this realm where the borderlines between the physical, psychological and spiritual meet. Frequently I have found that such [church] leaders had treated those whose trouble was obviously mainly physical or psychological, in a purely spiritual manner; and if you do so, you not only don’t help. You aggravate the problem. [emphasis mine]

~The Christian Warfare (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1976), 206-208

In our next post we will examine what Murray says about the condition of Depression. Let us first ask God for soft hearts and a learner’s heart as we approach this complex issue.


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