A Tidbit from The Institutes – John Calvin

chapter 2, section 1:

For, until men feel that they owe everything to God, that they are cherished by his paternal care, and that he is the author of all their blessings, so that naught is to be looked for away from him, they will never submit to him in voluntary obedience; no, unless they place their entire happiness in him, they will never yield up their whole selves to him in truth and sincerity. (emphasis mine)

I have been impressed upon by the absoluteness of my total dependence on God as I have been reading this work. It is easy to give mental assent to this – a whole other matter to live it daily. I am reminded of another quote I read recently:

…Self-denial is the foundation of godliness, and if this is not well laid, all the building will fall… ~Thomas Watson.

I am also reminded from our recent services at CBC that we must keep a close, intense focus on Christ so that the world not creep into our vision and draw our hearts away.


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