Promote a Culture of Life While Living in a Culture of Death

*Reader Warning: Graphic and disturbing news follows*

Yesterday I heard a very heart-wrenching story in the news on my commute to work. It was that the remains of a baby were found in a local city’s sewer. A baby, age determined to be 10-25 weeks of gestation, was found by workers at a Ft. Wayne water treatment facility. I have quoted part of an article describing the situation:

Workers at a Fort Wayne water treatment facility made a gruesome discovery Monday afternoon — the body of an unborn baby who Three Rivers Ambulance Authority paramedics believe was approximately 10 to 25 weeks old.

Local media reports indicate the Allen County Coroner determined the unborn baby was 14-15 weeks gestation and the race and gender of the child was unable to be determined at the time of the examination. Although there is no indication how the baby’s body wound up at the facility, Indiana Right to Life president Mike Fichter tells LifeNews he believes the baby may have been chemically aborted and discarded in sewer.

He said Indiana Right to Life will ask the Indiana State Department of Health to revisit guidelines for disposing of the remains of aborted children in the wake of yesterday’s discovery.

“We don’t know whether this baby was aborted and then flushed into the sewer system by Fort Wayne’s local abortion clinic, or aborted at home using the RU-486 chemical abortion method, but both are strong possibilities,” Fichter noted.

According to responses to inquiries made to the Indiana State Department of Health, fetal remains prior to 20-weeks are classified as medical waste to be handled according to federal guidelines. Those guidelines, according to the national Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform medical waste management web site supported by the federal EPA, list various methods for disposing of medical waste including “Discharge in a sanitary sewer or septic system that is properly installed and operating in accordance with state and local laws.”

“The horrifying fact is that abortion clinics in Indiana can use garbage disposals and toilets to discard body parts into local sewer systems,” states Fichter. “The degradation of the disposal process is second only to the degradation of destroying these lives in the first place.”

Rest of story here

Obviously the whole story has not been revealed yet. And I think we need to keep that in consideration. But I have some thoughts about this and similar situations:

What do we know about this story?

  • A baby, unable to survive on its own, was discarded in a horrifying way
  • A mother, for whatever reason, experienced the loss of her child
  • A father is in the picture, in some way
  • Workers, not expecting this kind of gruesome discovery, were shocked by their find
  • Our community is responding to this situation

What do I think about this story?

  • Baby
    • There was a baby created through the wonderful means of procreation that God had ordained
    • This child, even before conception, had all its days written in a book, stored in God’s library.
    • This baby, created in the image of God, fulfilled the purpose that God designed for it’s young life – even if we haven’t discovered that purpose yet
    • This baby was loved by God more than any earthly family could ever love a child
  • Mom
    • There was a mom who conceived a child in some situation – unknown presently
    • There is a mom who carried a child for 10-25 weeks; who carried a real, live human being for 10-25 weeks
    • There is a mom who has lost her child. We do not, at the time of this writing, know the circumstances of the abortion
      • Yes, a miscarriage is an abortion (a natural expulsion of a fetus) – did this mom suffer incredibly in the loss of her child?
      • Was this mom faced with such hard life choices that she only saw hope in aborting her child?
      • Did this mom feel alone in her pregnancy and up against an immovable wall of circumstances?
      • Would this mom have considered giving her child up for adoption?
    • There is a mom who has lost a child and she will carry that for the rest of her life – how would you/your Church minister to her?
  • Dad
    • There was a father who, through the means ordained by God, became a partner in the life of this child
    • Did this dad, upon finding out that this mom was pregnant, wonder how he was going to afford a child?
    • Does this dad even know what has happened to his child?
    • Is this dad being supportive of the mother of this child?
    • What circumstances of life were so great for this dad that the only logical and viable choice in regard to this child was abortion?
    • What is this dad feeling if the mother of this child lost her child and he disposed of it, frightened because he didn’t know what to do?
    • There is a dad who is forever linked to the life of this child – even if we never know his name
  • Workers
    • There are workers who made a gruesome discovery and will carry that for the rest of their lives
    • There are workers who have their own families that will undoubtedly be affected in the way they view their wife and children
    • There are workers who need loving support to work through this situation
  • Community
    • What can we do?
    • There is a community which will use this situation for good or for evil
    • There is a community which will be divided along the lines of pro-life/pro-choice
    • There is a community that will continue to battle for either a culture of life or a culture of death
    • There is a community that must be called to provide answers and options for moms and families who struggle with tough choices
    • There is a community that must be embraced in the grace of Jesus Christ and confronted with His truth as well
    • There is a community that must be educated in the truth of life, of creation and of its Creator
    • There is a community in which the Church must be foremost in its ministry to struggling families
    • There is a community that must see the Church as a haven of grace, acceptance and love

How will you promote a culture of life in your community? Becoming involved is the first step. Here are some resources for you:

Kosciusko County Right to Life

Allen County Right to Life


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