Should the Government Tax Violent Video Games?

I read this interesting, short article posted by Vodkapundit: Next Up: Subsidies for Happy Thoughts. I’ve reproduced it in it’s entirety, but click through the link and check out some other thought provoking articles:

You know what we don’t have enough of? Taxes on make-believe. Fortunately, we do have overweening politicians:

An Oklahoma lawmaker has proposed levying a new tax on violent video games. Oklahoma Democrat Will Fourkiller has suggested the tax be applied to all games that receive an ESRB rating, which is intended for adults only. In addition, Fourkiller thinks T-Rated games should also have a tax added to the cost of the games, since some include “simulated gambling.”

His name sounds violent. We should make him change it.

Chance to Interact: Do you think violent video games should be taxed? Why or Why Not?


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