Pure Life Ministries Offer eBooks Now

Pure Life Ministries is an excellent source of counsel and assistance to those struggling with the enslaving power of sexual sin. They are now offering several of their resources as eBooks. I would encourage you to check out this ministry! Don’t know much about Pure Life? Here is their information from their website:

This has been our passion for over 25 years!

Sexual sin has reached epidemic proportions in the Church. Even if the statistics are somehow overstating the problem, sexual sin is undoubtedly the most serious spiritual issue facing the Body of Christ—and things are growing worse.

Our 35 full-time biblical counselors and support staff are fully committed to bringing the hope, healing, and restoration found only in Christ to those who have been touched by the leprosy of sexual sin. Nearly all of the men and women here at Pure Life Ministries are graduates of one of our counseling programs themselves. Each has responded to the call of God to freely give to others the same compassion and mercy which the Father freely bestowed upon them. They are men and women who know how to speak the truth of God in love.

In fulfilling our call, Pure Life Ministries is founded upon the authority of the Word of God as the supreme and all-sufficient Truth for overcoming sin. We unashamedly preach a message of repentance unto salvation. Everything we do—whether in our counseling programs, our speaking ministry, the distribution of our books and resources—all these things are based on the Word of God, with the goal of leading others to victory over sexual sin through a deeper life in God.

I have personally benefited from their resources and regularly suggest their resources in counseling situations. I would encourage you to explore their website and sign up for their FREE newsletter.

Chance to Interact: What are some resources for pure living that you have found?


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