Jesus said, Have Faith in God

Just four words. They jumped off the page and careened off the corners of my mind. Jesus said this in response to the disciples’ amazement of the cursed fig tree’s appearance. Yesterday it was healthy and luscious, today it was dead “from the roots up”. While Christ was using it as a teaching tool to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the religious establishment, his four word sentence that began his discourse on prayer really stopped me in my reading.


I’ve been meditating on that sentence, “Have faith in God”.


First of all, I realize that I cannot have faith in God. It is not something that I just naturally acquire to. So, Jesus says, “Have”. Do this. Make this the thing youdo. Effort must be expended and desire must be nurtured.


Faith – taking God’s Word for reality itself. Is my reality altered by my trust in God? Is my reality my trust in God? When God speaks do I live expectantly and even anticipating that what he says will happen? When life goes upside down, do I still “Have faith”? Am I scrambling for a contingency plan? Do I “Have faith?”

in God

God. The “Sunday School answer” is always God. But wait a moment.

What are things I place my trust in? My wallet? My career? My skill? My knowledge? My ability? My idea? My manipulative talent? My resources? My friends? My wife? My children? My ____________?

I find it so easy to have faith in other things. Having faith in God doesn’t alter the minutia of my life yet. When I turn the key in my car, do I have faith in Ford or God? When I step out on an icy, snowy day, do I have faith in my boots or God? When I pick up the phone to speak with a church member, do I have faith in my knowledge or God?

Have faith in God.

Four words that are messing with my reality. I know, there are many “out there” who have this all figured out and down pat. Not me. God has been messing with my reality since before last Fall. I don’t know what or why he is doing this. But he is. I’m not speaking of having a shaken faith, but of a faith that is much deeper and richer. It’s confirmed in my conversations with friends and my wife. It’s confirmed in my daily study of God’s Word. The Spirit is moving in my life and I am seeing it, and enjoying it like a breath of fresh air.

Jesus said, “Have faith in God”.

What about you? Where do you need to have faith in God? Your finances? marriage? relationship? career? bills? thoughts? future?

One of the greatest reasons to have faith in God is because God is faithful, even when we are faithless. Have faith in God.


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