Working For Zero: Kosciusko County Abortions

I received this email from one of our local ministries, Heartline Pregnancy Center. I hope you take a moment to read through it and consider what your part in “Working For Zero” will be.

In 2009 53 Kosciusko County Babies lost their lives to abortion. 

Heartline Pregnancy Center continues to work hard, with your support, to bring this number down to zero.
Last week our nurse had the opportunity to visit a young mom in the hospital after giving birth to her precious son, Michael*. As she held her son close, kissing his face and playing with his toes, it was hard to remember that Michael’s mom had considered aborting him when she first learned she was pregnant. After an ultrasound appointment at Heartline, and through the support of our staff and the availability of our resources, she reconsidered and carried to term. During the hospital visit Michael’s mom told our nurse she couldn’t believe she even considered aborting him and if it wasn’t for Heartline she would have.
The resources we have available are because of generous donations from those who want to prevent more children from losing their lives in Kosciusko County. Please join us by making a donation today.

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