unPlanned by Abby Johnson: Book Review

Recently I was given a gift copy of unPlanned written by Abby Johnson, a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic who eventually became a pro-life advocate. My thoughts on this book follow.

The Book:

I was immediately drawn into unPlanned from the very first chapter. It is in these opening remarks of this book that Abby describes one of her two personal experiences with abortion. As she describes her ordeal, and her response to it, my heart was crushed. She does not use over-the-top graphic detail, but she does explain exactly what was happening to her, and the life within her. This first chapter only drove home the absolute necessity to keep up the fight for the unborn. I hurt for Abby as she related her experiences.

The rest of the book reveals in easy to read format, the battle that Abby found herself involved in. Beginning with her first desire to assist women in the choices they had to make, to that day when she literally ran out of her Planned Parenthood office, to the ensuing trial that took place, every page of this book provides riveting details of the Life Battle.

The Battle

The story of Abby Johnson is only one of millions of stories that are affected by the battle for Life. Abby reveals the Culture of Death that Planned Parenthood, not-so-secretively, puts forward in every appointment they schedule. While not every Planned Parenthood office is a clinic where abortions are committed, every office does promote a Culture of Death. What Abby Johnson does very well is to put a face on the debate. The arguments between pro-life advocates and pro-choice advocates are not simply relegated to the courtrooms of America. The arguments determine the very life of living persons, yet unborn.

To be pro-life is to be in line with what our Creator God designed. God has poignantly revealed that life is sacred.

To be pro-choice is to be out of line with what God has revealed. To abort is to be actively opposed to God.

Abby Johnson demonstrates that even while she entered the Planned Parenthood organization with the best of intentions of helping women, eventually it forced her to embrace a bottom line financial decision to terminate unborn human beings. What I find reassuring from unPlanned is that it makes clear that pro-life advocates are very concerned about the situations women find themselves in, the tough choices they must make, and the determination to assist these women in every area of life.

Perhaps the most powerful chapter, aside from the first, is the last. Abby describes how, looking back, she sees God working to bring her to the point of embracing a pro-life stance. Prayer was a monumental part of her transformation. People partnered together to pray for her for over 8 years. God answered that prayer in his timing. This portion of the book encouraged me in my own prayer life.

For those blog readers from Calvary Baptist, I have donated my copy of unPlanned to the CBC library. I would encourage you to read it for yourself. I would then encourage you to become involved in our own pro-life movement here in Kosciusko County. If you have questions on how to do that, please message me.

Chance to Interact: In what ways have you supported the pro-life movement? I am convicted by this statement from a recent pro-life rally I attended, “You don’t save little boys & little girls lives by simply saying you’re pro-life“. And that is a true statement.

Abby Johnson’s Facebook Page

Read all about the book here: unPlanned the Book. Also watch the trailer for the book.

Pregnant? Need help? Click here for resources through Abby Johnson’s website

Work at Planned Parenthood? Click here for resources through Abby Johnson’s website


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