Do You Have a “Child-Centered” Home?

Yesterday I posted a couple of quotes on parenting that I picked up in some Biblical Counseling training I have recently received. Today, to continue that theme, I would like to share some aspects of a “Child-Centered” home. These were received in my notes from Faith Ministries. They are not original with me.

How do you define a “child-centered” home?

A child-centered home is one in which a child believes and is allowed to behave as though the entire household, parents, siblings, and even pets exist for one purpose – to please him. (Lou Priolo, The Heart of Anger, p.24)

Elements of a “Child-Centered” Home:

  • No consequences: The child clearly sins and the parents allow him to get away with it.
  • Manipulation: The child reacts in anger, clams-up, or cries to get what he wants.
  • Selfishness: The child gets whatever he wants (it is all about the child, not others).
  • Demanding: The child insists that things be done his way and when he wants it.
  • Priorities: The child becomes more important than a spouse.
  • Responsibilities: The child has no responsibilities (parents do it all for the child).
  • Communication: The child tells the parent what to do as if the child is equal or in charge.
  • Never Offended: The parents do anything they can to NOT offend their child.

Chance to Interact: Which of these elements might be evident in your home? Which element have you identified as something to change in your home?


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