Its “Draw” Something, not “Write” Something

One of the most popular, free apps in both the iTunes app store, as well as the Android Market, is Draw Something Free. The idea of the app is to spend mindless gobs of time playing a sort of “Pictionary” type of game with either your friends you select or with someone the app picks for you randomly. Since Pictionary was one of my spiritual gifts growing up, I thought I might do well at Draw Something.

And I did.

Oh! the masterpieces I designed, from pyramids to ponytails and seahorse to iPad. On and on I drew, just me and my Galaxy S. Yes, I have big fingers, but that no matter, I deftly created artistic pixels of genius. I played some random players and we were really doing well.

And then, an awful reality popped up on my phone.

I had just put the finishing touches on a delectable, digital delight, when I received a most troubling reply. I must warn you, I don’t use profanity on this blog, nor “IRL” (in real life – for those of you reading the hard copy of this blog), but the reply I received was unrestrained malediction. So, if you prefer not to see what was said, simply scroll to the next paragraph. Ok, I’ve warned you. Here is what was thrown onto my 4″ screen: “WTF, just write it (*erased*) dont draw it“. Now, a quick search on Google provided me with enough understanding that my fellow Draw Something teammate wasn’t asking me to Wash The Fryer, or Wipe The Face of my phone.

And then, a horrible thought struck me.

What if no other players were actually drawing the pictures but simply writing the correct answers on their favorite touchscreen device? What if they were gathering dozens, yea, hundreds of coins to spend on colors other than black, yellow, red or blue? What if they were somehow advancing to the Draw Something “top ten” (if there is such a thing), and I was simply toiling away trying to be the pixelated Michelangelo? What if someone were gaining an unfair advantage over my interwebz integrity?

And then, outrage.

Oh! how far the mighty digital society has fallen! To think that someone would download a free app entitled Draw Something and boil it down to a simple, “let us win, even if we have to cheat”. I was incensed. I was enraged. I quickly drew a response, as it was my turn, and, against all propriety wrote a reply. What did I reply to user win@allcosts4821? In my best swype font I wrote, “I didnt write the answer (*erase for more room*), b/c I didnt think u could read”

I then swiped right and deleted the game, and user, to the bottomless pit of the world wide web.

Oh, and if you’re interested, I’m still available to engage in a rousing game Draw Something, hit me up. But, please, you know I want to draw not write, right?


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