The Lord’s Table: Learning New Eating Habits

One of the things my surgeon, as well as my pain management doctor have discussed with me is the matter of losing weight to benefit my spine health. Having a proper weight for my frame is critical for the relief, growth and healing of my spine and other skeletal joints. I need to lose about 30-35 pounds to be at a “good weight” for me. This will ease the stress on my back as well as help my hips and knees tremendously. Of course, losing weight isn’t the only necessity – I need to increase incrementally my physical activity.

As I have evaluated my thinking, it comes down to a wrong way of thinking of bodily care.

I don’t want to exercise because it generates pain and the catch22 is that if I don’t exercise it causes weakness and eventual pain. But exercise, and the discussion of it, is really another blog post sometime in the future.

I don’t think rightly concerning my eating habits.

Just yesterday I was working on some Ephesisans 4 material, specifically verses 22-24 which deal with the “Put-off / Put-on” principle. Someone wrote this question and it struck me square in my heart:

How often do you think of things in your life that need to be “put off”?

Immediately I wanted to say that I knew the overall spiritual temperature of my walk with Christ was good and healthy…but the question wouldn’t go away. The sinful choices of my eating habits seemed to be in the forefront of my mind. So I decided to do something about it. The principles laid out in Ephesians 4 are these:

  • Put off the sinful behavior, thinking and speech
  • Renew your mind – regulate the input
  • Put on the righteous behavior, thinking and speech.

How do these principles look like right now in my desire to change my eating habits?

  • Put off: My sinful eating habits focused on pleasing me – finding satisfaction in food
  • Renew: My thinking needs to be finding my satisfaction in pleasing God and in Christ alone
  • Put on: My righteous eating habits will be focused on providing proper nutrition to the body that God has given me and a resistance to the impulsive eating habits. It will be a focus on teaching my body what hunger truly is and how I rightly can manage hunger. When the desire to satisfy self or splurge on self comes, I will need to immediately focus on Christ and His sufficiency in some way.

How am I going to accomplish all this?

I decided to use a resource I have recommended to several people: Setting Captives Free. While I used part of this ministry to help me become free from the enslavement of pornography several years ago, I will now enroll in their “Lord’s Table” 60 day program. In fact I am on Day #2 currently.

This is the eating plan that I will follow for the next 60 days: Eating Plan #1

While I am somewhat focused on losing weight and eating proper nutritional foods, my main focus will be to find my satisfaction in Christ and through that change the sinful eating habits I have developed.

I encourage you to check out their website and then periodically ask me how I’m doing. I want to be as open as possible, and I’m sure I’ll need the encouragement as I progress. My body is already taking notice and I think that is a good thing.


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