On Alcoholism and Hope: A Poem

The condensation trickling down
that last longneck
didn’t have anything on the sweat
staining the collar of his dress shirt.

The demon of fear perched high on his shoulders
dug in it’s claws as he lifted his gear
and walked to the door.

The heaven they promised
seemed too far away
as he dealt with his DT’s
and pain throughout his body.

He wasn’t sure that the hell he was living
could be changed by
the Truth
shall set you free!

Unloosing the demonic hold
meant all the world would see
the scars.
There would be those who noticed
and looked away
failing to notice the demon of pride
attached securely inside
a cold heart.

His dirt flaked off at first
and then rinsed away
with the washing of the Word.

Knew Him or knew of Him
was the question
revolving around

Now eyes that only focused
were cleaned and pointed

New wine was imbibed
and it satisfied
the justified.

Hope had been
just another four-lettered word

as was Help.
Now he sees clearly how he can
Help others to Hope.

His struggle isn’t over
not by a long shot
It wasn’t meant to crush him
just help him depend
on God.

Some day when he hears his “last call”
he’ll stand before
another Door

and see His scars
and hear, “Welcome Home –
well done, My son!”

This is an original poem inspired by a dear friend. In the middle of his alcoholism rehab, he has encouraged me by his commitment to Jesus Christ. He exudes being controlled by a “new” Wine – the Holy Spirit. I pray for him daily and seek to encourage him along his journey back to recovery.

According to one study, 50-90% of all alcoholics relapse. I know that Jesus cures forever. What do I mean by “forever”? Yes, the struggle will always be there…for all sinners. We will rise up and fall many times before we kneel at the feet of our Savior. But there is a day, for the child of God, where forever his only focus will be to worship & please the One before him. What a day that will be!

Proverbs 24:16


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