Do You See God This Way? A picture from Hosea

I was reading / studying the last half of Hosea 2 this morning and was so encouraged by the picture of my gracious God. This is the picture of God I pulled from Hosea 2:14-23:

  • God woos His own back to Himself – v.14
  • God speaks kindly in the midst of the repentance process – v.14
  • God gives abundantly – v.15
  • God relates intimately – v.16
  • God frees / cleanses from past sin – v.17
  • God promises blessing – v.18
  • God protects His own – v.18
  • God makes permanent His relationship with His own – v.19
  • God reveals Himself fully – v.20
  • God responds – v.21
  • God blesses abundantly – v.22
  • God loves the unloved & unlovely – v.23
  • God claims His own – v.23
  • God is glorified by His own – v.23
  • God is worshiped by His own – v.23

Perhaps my favorite verse from this chapter is verse 23, particularly this phrase:

…I will also have compassion on her who had not obtained compassion…


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