Loyal Only to Christ

Those who come to Me cannot be My disciples unless they love Me more than they love father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and themselves as well.~Jesus; Luke 14:26

an excerpt from Costly Grace:

The call of Jesus isolates us from family and friends, nationality and tradition – and that is exactly how God intends it. Jesus calls you, not a group. He requires that you stand alone before him in an intimate, face-to-face relationship.

You are responsible for your own decision to follow him or not to follow. You are responsible for your own obedience or disobedience. Absolutely no one can stand between you and Jesus and that is why he sounds so stern when he says, “You cannot be my disciple unless you love me more…

There is a totality in discipleship that demands an uncompromising loyalty. Jesus will not share your affection for him with anyone else, not even your own family. If you are faced with a choice between loyalty to him and loyalty to your father or mother, sister or brother, you must choose Jesus or you cannot claim to be his disciple. His expectation is so strict that, when faced with a choice between the interests of Jesus and your own self-interests, you must choose for Jesus or you must admit you are not his disciple.

Think about Peter warming his hands by the fire, just before the cock crows. Will he choose for Jesus or choose for himself? A disciple of Jesus is faced with the same decision every day.

Holy Jesus meek and mild is about the serious business of salvation and he has not time for split loyalties or uncertain commitments. Any relationship you have that jeopardizes your relationship with Jesus must be sacrificed. His command may seem unreasonable; yet Oswald Chambers says we should never try interpret these words separate from the Son of God who spoke them.

For the follower of Jesus, there is no turning back. Christ stands in the way, wrapping us in his realm of grace, insisting that he be the center of our new existence.


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