The Fight Inside – RED

There is a real battle in all believers to do what is pleasing to the Father. The battle ebbs and flows. Some days there seems to be some reprieve in the war, and other days it just seems that there is no relenting of the enemy’s attack. This song, Fight Inside, is an emotional, wonderful depiction of that inner struggle. The music will not be something that all my readers find palatable. Yet, the music matches the struggle depicted in the lyrics and the turmoil within the battle-weary soldier. Just as in the Psalms we see occasionally no resolution of the conflict within, so too, this song ends in what appears to be the hopeless cry of the defeated. But a closer, second look at the the lyrics indicates, again, just like the Psalmist, the hopeful faith of one who knows “how it will end”.

Do you know someone who is struggling? Are you struggling? How do you comfort someone who feels defeated in the prolong spiritual battles they are engaged in? What passages in the Bible might you turn to?


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