Put Hands & Feet to Your Pro-Life Stance Kosciusko County

Just saying that you are pro-life doesn’t save any children…

The sentence hung in the air and clawed its way into my heart. I sat there stunned in my conscience. Up until this very moment I felt I was “as pro-life as the next guy”. The problem was that I was not putting hands and feet to my “beliefs”. The reality of the situation is that Christ calls his followers to be putting hands and feet to their belief. Somewhere along the way I got intimidated to silence because some “pro-lifers” were extreme. There were stories in the media about abortion clinic bombings, graphic and gruesome sign wielding activists, and a constant barrage of what appeared to be angry, loud protestors that interfered with clinic worker’s lives.

I allowed fringe, passionate pro-life activists intimidate me to a place of silence.

Now you understand where I was coming from when I first heard this statement, “Just saying that you are pro-life doesn’t save any children.” Let me tell you how I got to where I am now. First I educated myself about the pro-life ministries in my county (Kosciusko). I met with heads of these ministries and got to know their heart, their desires, and their passion for the women in our county that feel they have no other choice but abortion. Over a process of time, educating myself about ministries, and then opportunities to promote my Christian beliefs, I finally got involved. Now I find myself in a position in my church to encourage our members to do the same. I think a lot of them fall into the same category I did when I first got convicted about my lack of obedience.

This post is to make us all aware of opportunities to be involved practically in the pro-life movement.

Here are some opportunities coming up in Kosciusko County for you to be involved in:

I don’t want this last point to be just “tacked on”. I think sometimes we do just tack on prayer to our activities. Rather, let us start with prayer, bathe our activities in prayer, and end in prayerHere are some prayer requests:

  • Pray that God would allow our activity to bring about an end to the culture of death in which we live.
  • Pray that as a result of our peaceful, righteous activity, children’s lives would be saved.
  • Pray that as a result of our gracious interaction, hurting women would find the grace to choose life for their baby.
  • Pray that we might always be mindful of the hurting women who have chosen abortion in the past. They sit next to us in our pews on Sunday, work next to us in our jobs during the week, and we need to reach helping (not condemning) hands to them.
  • Pray for our children. This fight will extend significantly to their generation.

How else can you encourage others to be involved in promoting a culture of life?


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