Bug Collecting Gone Wild…er, Wrong

It has been a peaceful, restful Sunday. I thought I would put the laptop away and help my son with a school project (he’s in 1st grade). He is to collect some bugs from around the yard and take them to school after the holiday. [Enter the overachiever dad]

I really don’t know how to begin this next sentence, so I guess I’ll just dive right in: We have bumblebees boring into the ground in our front yard near the highway. (I probably don’t even need to finish this post – you already know what is going to happen). Keegan and I went out to the yard, I was carrying a bug net and he was carrying his bug jar. I instructed him to stay about 20 feet away as I approached the hole in the ground. There is heavy bee activity and it wasn’t long until we saw them coming and going. I quickly got a good sized bee in the net and called Keegan over. That is when things started getting dicey. I had the jar in one hand and the bee captured in the net in the other. The net is such that the bee could make its way through the holes with some effort. (Keep in mind I am also trying to keep a large black ant in the open jar. I had the bee once in the jar, but it escaped. The situation escalated quickly. The bee made it through the net and was pretty angry. I told Keegan to retreat to the tree about 20 feet away as I was swiping at the bee in front of me. What happened next is one of the things that can break a dad’s heart in a hurry. The bee flew around me and chased Keegan down. It targeted his white sock and stung him. Keegan’s ear-splitting scream as he fell to the ground brought Patrick running from the house. Keegan was clawing at his foot and the bee was long gone before I even got to him. I quickly picked him up and brought him inside our kitchen where we began treatment. First an ice cube and then some baking soda and a penny took the pain from the sting away almost instantaneously. Patrick & I returned to the bee nest to finish the mission. I was kind of in “torqued off” mode at the bees but I realized they were doing what came natural. We caught a good sized bee and secured it in the bug jar. Keegan is fine. He’s a brave little man with a not so great story to share with his class about his poor-decision making father. Building memories, yeah…that’s what it was all about.

Feel free to leave your comments about my parenting skills as needed…


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