The Inconveniences of Living in a First World Country


Today I will spend time ensuring that I keep my family supplied with a First World convenience…known as “hot water”. Americans are so demanding. We expect that when we push or pull on a handle in our homes, (one of a half dozen sinks / showers / tubs / bathrooms), we expect water…and sometimes (incredulously) “hot water”. When that does not happen, it becomes a time of great consternation and wringing of hands, sometimes agitation and even yelling at one another occurs!

Not so in Third World countries. Not so in the majority of the world. Not so even in some places I’ve visited in England and Scotland. Hot water was not something you just allowed to run down the drain at your whim. In many places around this beautiful planet, people walk miles for water – and then only return with what they can carry. (Hardly enough for my daily shower) That water has to become their drinking water, personal hygiene water, cooking water, and supply for whatever other hydration needs they may have.

How should I handle the situation of no hot water, as I live in the States?

I think I should allow the inconvenience to get me thinking and praying for others less fortunate than I. Think about what its like to not have such a convenience. How would that impact my life? How would it impact my children’s lives? I’ll end up running down to my local Lowes store and purchasing the necessary hot water tank elements, install them, and (maybe) have hot water by this afternoon. In Third World countries it is not quite that simple. So I need to pray that somehow, someone (maybe me & my family) will be a part of bringing a source of goodness to these people.

And I need to give financially and of my time as well. There are many who are on the “front-lines” bringing the love of Christ to those in need around our globe. They need our support and presence!

And, finally, I need to be involved locally with those in need. There are real tangible needs in our own community and county, that need someone to step up and be Jesus to those who are without. Maybe they have hot water, maybe not – but they need loved on. They need my life to be poured into theirs. They need you too.

So, I’m off to Lowes to buy hot water tank elements, but God is doing a greater work in my heart. I pray he is doing the same for you.


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