500 People, 500 Dollars = A Whole Community Changed

In October of this year Angie & I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Guatemala. We went specifically to see our friends in ministry, Britt & Jodi Harman. They recently uprooted for Indiana and moved to Guatemala to be invested even more heavily in DeepStream Ministries. Their specific focus is with Educate BV (Buena Vista).

click the picture to enlarge


There is a very real need of getting this facility finished and ready for the Guatemalan school year which begins in January 2013. I believe that God is working in several hearts already to contribute to this need. The impact this facility is already having on the community of Buena Vista is amazing. It is providing hope and excitement for a better life. When it is finished, there are so many possibilities for EducateBV to impact, not only students, but their families and surrounding communities!

Pray about what you can do. Maybe you can’t swing $500, but you could swing $5. Follow the instructions in the pic to give securely online. We’ve given and hope to give more in the future. Maybe you could do more than $500 – that would be greatly appreciated as well. I’m excited to hear what God is going to do through YOU.


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