Suffering Well: The Predictable Surprise of Christian Suffering

Matthias Media continues to provide terrific, practical resources for growing followers of Christ. I have been impressed time and again with their products. So, it was not a difficult choice to request a copy of Suffering Well by Paul Grimmond through Cross-focused Reviews.


What I enjoyed:

Grimmond does a wonderful job of developing and communicating a theology of suffering in book that contains less than 200 pages. His method of revealing how a believer in Christ Jesus ought to understand and approach suffering in their life is simple, but profound. He uses scripture through out this resource, which is what one would expect from a product offered through Matthias Media. He uses truth in a way that encourages and enlightens his readers. The reader easily can follow Grimmond on his ever-tightening focus on what God is doing in the lives of His children. The author discusses how our culture affects the way we view suffering, common questions in regard to suffering and thoughts on persecution and the “Western Church”. In and through it all, the reader is confronted gently, instructed clearly and forced to reconcile their own thoughts in light of God’s Word. I would think that this book would be a good addition to a pastor’s library, a church library, or any counselor’s resource list.

What I didn’t expect:

I picked up this book thinking that I would be reading an author’s encouragement to those who are suffering only as a result of living in a fallen world: sickness, disease, hunger, broken relationships, etc. What I read was broader in scope than this. Grimmond identifies three areas of suffering for the Christian:

  • Suffering as a result of living in the fallen world
  • Suffering as a result of living faithfully for Jesus in an evil world
  • Suffering sorrowfully as a result of seeing this world through God’s eyes

While unexpected, this was a tremendous encouragement! It encompasses everything that a theology of suffering should cover. Any perspective readers should be aware of this and embrace it. Suffering is multi-faceted and Scripture deals with it in like manner.

Would I recommend this book?

I think from the tenor of my post that you would surmise that I would recommend this resource. And I do. It is a book that can be easily read in a short period of time. However, the brevity of reading time and ease of reading do not detract from the solid message in this book, that God is in control, loves His children and brings them through a variety of suffering for His glory.


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