Haiti’s Cuisine

One of the things I was eagerly anticipating was trying some new food while in Haiti. I figure I am fairly adventurous and was hoping that we would be able to enjoy some Haitian fare. Due to the schedules we were keeping, our breakfasts were simple (eggs – sometimes fried, sometimes boiled; fresh bread – so enjoyed this, but never took a pic!; bananas & coffee); lunches were just PB&J sandwiches and bananas on the mountain – although many times we were divvying those up for the kids; and the dinners where we would get some regular Haitian food.

2015-01-28 16.05.37

We at a lot of chicken legs. I didn’t see any other parts of the chicken being used, and I’m sure the Haitians eat them, but all we received were the legs. They were great! Every dinner we ate had chicken legs, and I enjoyed them. They usually came with black rice & beans, a red sauce with tomatoes or a bean sauce, carrots & onions, some sort of salad (slaw, beet salad – tasted like potato salad, etc) and fried plantains. There was also a garnish of onions and ghost peppers that would light us up – I found it to be very delicious!

2015-01-29 17.05.48

Most nights I would wash it all down with some sort of local pop. There was a banana flavored pop which was so sweet, the fruit champagne that tasted like cream soda, and a sweet grape soda. Of course you also could avail yourself of Coke or Pepsi as well. These drinks came in handy when I failed to read the label of a hot sauce bottle and slathered my food with it. Should always go easy when it says “XXX Hot Sauce”.

2015-01-30 07.14.322015-01-30 15.42.02

Of course the fruit we had in Haiti was outstanding. The bananas were sweet and delicious, the pineapple, mangos, and melons were all sweet. We even tried some fruit of which I cannot recall their name, but they were all good.

Those of you who know me, know that I had to try some sort of “street food”. When we had the opportunity to walk through the open air market, I was able to purchase a Haitian pate (pah-tay). This is typically deep fried and filled with some sort of meat and some cabbage (at least that’s what filled mine). It was excellent! I shared with the two guys I was with as we walked down the street back toward our tap-tap. It was exactly what I wanted and we enjoyed it immensely.


While the food was not the primary reason for being in Haiti, we were fortunate to enjoy the tastes of this beautiful country even while interacting with those we met on a daily basis.


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