From the Mountain to the Mid-west: Worship in Haiti & at Home

I was driving my family to our church, Mission Point Community Church, in Warsaw, Indiana, and I was reflecting over the past seven days. Less than a week ago I was worshiping on a sunny mountaintop in Canaan, Haiti and this week found myself worshiping with family & friends in wintery Indiana. Sometimes our modern conveniences (air travel, technology, etc) don’t allow for adequate processing time. It boggled my mind how I could so easily be in two different countries, in such contrasting settings, and yet feel such a kindred Spirit with those I worshiped with.

Canaan ChurchThis tent structure on top of the mountain serves as an assembly point for our brothers & sisters in Canaan. This tent is a blessing! Not long ago the church met here on this land, under this blazing sun, without benefit of any shelter.

The church was our central meeting point throughout our time in Haiti. We would meet there in the morning and then make our way out onto the paths to visit various families living in tiny shelters dotting the harsh landscape. This locale was where we held a special kid’s club and showed the Jesus Film in their native Creole. Over 110 kids squeezed into this structure and sat quietly, enraptured with the film & story of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. Below is a picture of that gathering just before we started the film:

2015-01-31 13.16.40-1

We arrived on Sunday during what many in the States might call “Sunday School”. During this hour, the church is taught by its pastor from a booklet. There is a lot of repeating after the pastor, as in several countries around the world where God’s Word is not readily possessed by many of the people, on the mountain it appears they learn by rote memory. It is an effective means of retaining the teaching.

After that first hour, during which many people kept coming and filling up the structure, the worship service began. Just as in many churches around the world, there was singing, announcements, the reading of the Bible, special ministries of prayer & music, and preaching. I videoed some of the singing, although I just pointed the camera to the ground so as not to be a distraction in worship. Maybe you’ll recognize the tune:

After the service we had the opportunity to pray over two men who had come to Christ during our time there in Canaan. Both men had physical handicaps – one was severely hindered in his sight and the other not only had sight problems but had some painful hernia issues as well. I prayed specifically that God would see fit to heal them for the glory of Jesus Christ. I was moved by the Spirit to pray this way, and I trust that God is doing a work so that these men would be living, vibrant testimonies to the grace found in their Healer & Savior!

2015-02-01 11.52.05

Here’s another shot of the church and the property around it:

2015-01-30 14.07.59

2015-01-31 09.24.31Looking out over Canaan from a gap in the tent wall of the church. There are still hundreds of thousands of people relocating here who are in need of Jesus Christ. This church is passionate about reaching these people. Pray that they will remain faithful, beaming lights in the darkness around them for the glory of Jesus’ name!


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