Homemade, Repurposed, Coffee Scented Candles

IMG_3810I had just sat down at the table this morning, after cleaning up a bit in the kitchen after making breakfast, and wondered if there was anything I could do with the coffee grounds I had just thrown away. In months past I would throw the grounds outside to benefit the worms, flowerbeds, garden, etc. But it’s winter now and surely there had to be something more creative, right? And, besides, I’m getting into all this “homesteading” stuff and would like to do something worthwhile. Well, enter the thought of “coffee scented candles”.

IMG_3794I’m currently drinking some illy coffee. This is some of the best tasting coffee I’ve ever enjoyed. I will always prefer my Mondulkiri coffee from Cambodia, but sometimes that’s not available. Enter the illy brand. Love it. Love. Love. Love it. Enough said.

Here are the items you’ll need to make a candle similar to mine:


  • Wax: can be remnants of previously used candles, or a chunk of wax (like my ten pounder in the pic)
  • Candle wick – can be purchased online
  • Wax mold – I used jelly jars, but you can use a paper cup and cut it away after the wax hardens
  • Used coffee grinds – yes, I dug mine back out of the trash (luckily they landed correctly in the coffee filter)
  • Couple of pots to make a double boiler
  • Pencils – I use them to keep the wicks straight (see pics later)
  • Cleaver – I got mine in Cambodia, but you may not want to go that far. I use this for everything, just like the Khmer. These cleavers are so handy and I like to keep them sharp.

IMG_3793Since my coffee grounds were wet from this morning’s brew, I dried them in the oven at 175*.  I didn’t time it, because I’m assuming you have enough common sense to tell when the grounds are dry.

IMG_3788I made a double boiler, inserted the wax in the upper pot and commenced to melting. It’s pretty straightforward and simple to do. It took maybe 5-7 minutes to melt all the wax I needed for my two candles.

IMG_3790While the wax was melting, I took my two jelly jars, placed the pencils with wicks attached (with duct tape, of course) on top, and placed some coffee grounds as a base.

IMG_3801I then poured the wax into the jars, about a 1/4 way high, using a small funnel. I will tell you this: don’t use the funnel. Not only do you not need it if you are careful, it simply clogs up with dried wax while you are waiting for the level to dry. Live and learn!

IMG_3803While the wax was hardening, (I allowed for 20 minutes at a time), I placed the pot of melted wax back on the double boiler. During the 20 minute wait time, I was “Youtubing” videos on various other projects to tackle.

IMG_3808After the timer went off indicating 20 minutes had past, I placed more coffee grounds into the jelly jar. Now, I started with “8 cups” worth of coffee grounds, so that gave me plenty to use in both jelly jars. If you don’t drink as much coffee as I do, you’ll need to save up your grounds for a few months. Ha.

IMG_3809I simply repeated that process several times. (Four times if you count the levels, but hey, to each their own).

I then allowed the candles to cool completely and without placing them in the refrigerator. Hey, it’s winter in Indiana and our house is chilly. It didn’t take long. I don’t think the scent is very strong (which is a good thing), but it will be a subtle aroma when burning.

I hope you enjoyed this compost of how to repurpose your used coffee grounds. Never, never, place fresh coffee in a candle – to do such a thing is a crime against humanity. Ha! Always enjoy your coffee once, and look for ways to enjoy it again!

If you have ideas of how to repurpose used coffee grounds, place them in the comment section below and I’ll add them to my list of ideas. If you are reading this on Facebook, click through and place your comments in the comment section at GraceDependent.

Have fun, live life fully, and love all you come in contact with!



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