HSAs I was doing some reading & research for raising rabbits (wow – that alliteration shows that I may be closer to my pastoral roots than imagined or desired), I came across a voluminous amount of websites and videos dedicated to “Homesteading”. As I read with curiosity, I realized that I truly desired to move that direction with our lifestyle.

I could probably look up the definition of Homesteading, but I’ll give you what I came up with when asked by someone to give my thoughts on what it is:

Homesteading [to me] is the desire to live life responsibly. To be responsible with one’s resources, seeking to get the most out of them (again, responsibly), always seeking to respect everyone and everything.

This way of life means that I will do more than just place my plastic in the recycle bin. I will seek to repurpose,reuse, and reflect a caretaker mentality in all that I do. It means more than raising chickens. Being a homesteader requires a humble attitude, coupled with a desire to lead others into a beneficial lifestyle that will bring peace and joy, even to future generations.

I’m curious as to what you think homesteading is. I am also open to any links, tips or advice you might have, as we begin this crazy journey on our little parcel of ground in small town Indiana.


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