One Song on My iPhone This Week

Worship simply exalts Christ at Mission Point Community Church. The one thing our family craved upon our return from Cambodia,where we worshiped at ICA in Phnom Penh, was a similar environment that held Christ high and pointed all who came, to Him. It was one of the first things that refreshed us, and impressed us … Continue reading

Money, Anxiety…Sheep?

Just a quote to consider. As I am. For riches and abundance come hypocritically clad in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be security against anxieties, and they become then the object of anxiety … they secure a man against anxieties just about as well as the wolf which is put to tending the sheep secures them … Continue reading

What the Spirit Told Me at Burket UMC

A friend, Kevin Shelton (Director of Our Master’s Camp rehab center), was speaking in the little burg of Burket at the United Methodist Church. We decided to drop into the service and listen Saturday night as we would be not able to catch him at his Sunday meeting at CBC in Leesburg. I have always … Continue reading

Taboo: Happy, Except When I’m Not

Qualifier: Jesus Christ continues to graciously, and patiently, take me to the next level. These posts are my simple processing of that journey. Today at our church, Mission Point Community Church, our pastor, Kondo Simfukwe, started a new sermon series called, “Taboo: Happy, Except When I’m Not”. The series is on emotions. I realize that … Continue reading

Can You Last Seven Minutes?

“Can you last 7 minutes?” That was the question that has been rolling through my head for the past several weeks. I’ve been wanting to do something exercise related for some time now, but just kept pushing those thoughts out of my mind. What was really bothering me was looking at pictures of our time … Continue reading

Landing in Haiti: Not What I Expected

Really short post today straight out of my Haiti journal. It was my first time to land in Port au Prince this past January. As we descended through a very overcast, gray sky, I caught my first glance of this island. Strangely, I wasn’t surprised at what I saw. It could have been one of … Continue reading

She Wrote Her Name on My Hand: Haiti

I was the last of our group to enter the construction site. We were led there by the pastor’s wife, Esther, who felt Holy Spirit was telling her to visit this home. Although the owners of the property were not available, there were a couple of men mixing concrete by hand and fashioning them into … Continue reading

Haiti’s Cuisine

One of the things I was eagerly anticipating was trying some new food while in Haiti. I figure I am fairly adventurous and was hoping that we would be able to enjoy some Haitian fare. Due to the schedules we were keeping, our breakfasts were simple (eggs – sometimes fried, sometimes boiled; fresh bread – … Continue reading