As I was doing some reading & research for raising rabbits (wow – that alliteration shows that I may be closer to my pastoral roots than imagined or desired), I came across a voluminous amount of websites and videos dedicated to “Homesteading”. As I read with curiosity, I realized that I truly desired to move … Continue reading


Imagine you live in a third world country. No matter that you know the language, are learning the customs, and can move fairly easily throughout the country. You still live under a constant stress. It’s not an overwhelming stress, but it is still a burden to your heart, soul and even body. Because no matter … Continue reading

Warrior Advent

I was reading in the Psalms this morning – just browsing, not “studying”. Psalm 46 is a familiar and significant passage for me. It has a depth of meaning that I enjoy immersing in from time to time. This morning, however, I was struck by the very last verse in this passage: The LORD of … Continue reading

Hammerin’ on a Hen House

The mild temperatures in Indiana this weekend provided the perfect time to tackle a fun project of repurposing in my garage. I decided to embark on half of a project that has been brewing in my mind since our return to our house earlier this year. I have been brainstorming an “indoor / outdoor” chicken … Continue reading

Punctual and Periodic Pain

I never know what I’ll feel like in the morning. Never. I’m not talking about the pain, stiffness or muscle soreness that accompanies a good workout or that follows a difficult chore. I’m talking about going to bed feeling good and waking up with odd pain, sharp pain, joint pain, soft tissue pain, weird pain … Continue reading

Lessons From the Pine

Lessons From the Pine

It’s only been six months since I last posted. I almost forgot how to do this. Cut-offs & Cast-aways This afternoon it dawned on me that I had received a tangible illustration of an earlier conversation from this morning. Early in the day I met with a friend to discuss some issues that I am … Continue reading